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Our new catalogues from Vollmer and kibri!

In addition to an overview of the entire range, the catalogues offer many tips, instructions and suggestions.

You can obtain our catalogues from your specialist dealer and from our online shop.


Vollmer catalogue 2018/2019/2020 DE/EN

RRP: 4,40 €

kibri catalogue 2018/2019 DE/EN

RRP: 4,40 €






New products 2018 by Viessmann, kibri and Vollmer

You can get the prospects with the new products by Viessmann, kibri and Vollmer directly from your dealer or download it here:

NEU: Viessmann Neuheiten 2018 DE-EN [pdf]
NEU: kibri Neuheiten 2018 DE-EN [pdf]
NEU: Vollmer Neuheiten 2018 DE-EN [pdf]




Delivery start

38350 H0 Corner house incl. house illumination start-set



Functional kit. The suitable LED lighting for one window is attached. It is easy to mount and fits perfectly to the model.

Building angle: 90 °

L 15,5 x W 15,5 x H 17 cm

Level of diffculty: 2 (advanced leaner).

RRP: 52,95 €




New Items 2017 of Viessmann, kibri and Vollmer

Commander 2
New digital semaphore signals
ROBEL with motorized crane
and much more

Commander 2

The Commander 2 offers a new dimension: The new Viessmann digital command station, item-No. 5320, enables the control of model trains with smartphone or tablet and an innovative track plan navigation with the camera of the smartphone/tablet. Even easier is the mobile operation with the optional SmartMaus item-No. 5321 for smartphones. It can also be equipped with a holder for tablets (item-No. 5322).

Viessmann Neuheiten 2017

Viessmann Modelltechnik presents the new digital command station at the Toy Fair in Nuremberg. Nevertheless, not only the Commander 2 demonstrates Viessmann's ability for innovations: The German technology specialist has also revised the semaphore signals, which are standard on the model train layouts for many years. Viessmann will present a new motor drive, which is installed compactly together with a digital decoder at the signal base. It enables an authentic, slow signal moving. First, 3 different digital semaphore signals will be released (item-No. 4700, 4701, 4702).

A new version of the H0 Robel 54.22 with a moving crane (item-No. 2620) will also be presented in Nuremberg. The crane elevates and rotates 360 degrees - for even more fun on the model train layout.

This year, the Reformation Jubilee is celebrated in Germany: 500 years ago, Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses on the door of the castle church in Wittenberg. In a limited edition, a H0 model of Luther will be released as a moving figure (item-No. 1595).

Much more interesting and impressing new items in all gauges, will be presented. Brightness, movement and prototypical design for your layout – a result of our lamps, accessories and electronics.

Viessmann presents the first house with walls made of Vollmer stone art. It provides a realistic stone surface. This is possible due to the weather restistant sediment composite, that looks and feels like real stone. The stonemason house item-No. 48280 will be available as a functional kit incl. LED-lighting.

Viessmann Neuheiten 2017

Kibri new item H0 modern warehouse/industrial hall (item-No. 39250) is built with a completely new mould. The model can be assembled in a variety of sizes by a modular system. There are much more functional kits with LED lighting in H0 and N as well as prototypical vehicles in H0 and Z scale.

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