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Green = available

Yellow = less stock

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Important information for Vollmer products!

Please note that the previous 4-digit Vollmer item-Nos. have additionally a 4 in front now.

Example: H0 Trainstation Neuffen, previous item No. 3510 - new item No. 43510



New general catalogue Viessmann 2017/2018

Just in time for the Nuremberg Toy Fair, on February 1, 2017 the new Viessmann catalogue 2017/2018 will be available.
Beside an overview of the programme, you will get information about the new items 2017 as well as many tips, instructions and suggestions.

When ordering the Viessmann catalogue now, please advise whether you require the catalogue 2015/2016 or if we should send the new catalogue 2017/2018 after publication.

Please note the new item-No.:

Viessmann general catalogue 2017/2018 German language item-No. 8999
Viessmann general catalogue 2017/2018 English language item-No. 8990

After publication, you can order the catalogue in our webshop, too.